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We’re developing One of its Kind Healthcare Platform, that allows Consumers to find Doctors of their Requirement and Set Appointments, get Health Tips & Tricks, Get Diagnostics & Physiotherapy at Doorstep, Can Consult with the Doctors from the Privacy of their Homes and With Time can See them at Tiyo Branded Clinic’s.

The Doctors in Turn gets Steady Surge of Patients to Their Practice And Manage Health Records, Appointments And Clinic Brands with the Tap of Their Fingers.

Labsense. The People behind Tiyo.


Labsense (Laboratory / Sense): Sensible Laboratory Experiments for Business Solutions in Healthcare. Labsense is a Healthcare IT Solutions company. We offer solutions for Consumers, Clinics, Diagnostics Centres, Hospitals and Healthcare Systems companies. Broadly we operate in Consumer Healthcare and in Enterprise Healthcare IT space.The company is founded by the senior executives of Movinture Storage Networks, TDB Web Services, Procom Technologies (Sun Microsystems & Now Oracle) and iDream.

Our Mission :

To make healthcare accessible to every individual who has a mobile device, irrespective of the device connected to the Internet or not.