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Keeping the trust is the most important factor for Tiyo (A Labsense Technology Services (P) Ltd Company). We have stringent policies in place for the inclusion of Doctors in our directory. We comply with all guidelines and terms and conditions set aside by MCI ethics guideline. According to MCI ethics guideline 6.1.1, individuals and institutions cannot solicit patients. But, 7.12 of the MCI ethics guidelines allows an institution run by a physician to enhance their visibility as long as the information provided is limited to name of the institution, type of patients admitted, type of training and other facilities offered as well as the fees.

What our trust symbol means?

We have personally recorded all the information
We have physically verified the primary location of the practice
We have visited the primary location at least twice to re-check the timings
We have verified visually the infrastructure and patient management systems and processes
Our senior managers have explained all the details of the directory to the doctors
We have interviewed (random sample) one patient minimum to understand the Doctor’s process setup and help index
All data has been verified by our third party assurance services provider Feed Work Digital
On written confirmation the doctors are enlisted in our directory

Trust Tiyo. Trust Tiyo Lists.

Disclaimer: Tiyo only provides information on Doctors and their practices. We do not engage or provide any kind of medical advice or tips.