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Dr. Namita Basu

Phd In Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Medical Social Psychiatry, Behavior Therapy Biofeedback.

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Psychologist, Sexologist, 42Years Experience


Dr.Namita Basu is well known Clinical Psychologist practices in Reliance Diagnostic Centre of Doctors, Kolkata. Dr. Basu has been in this field of Psychology for 42 years. She has dedicated herself in providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where she treats every patient as if they are her own family member. Her interactive session & patience of listening to every individual's problem makes her exceptional & popular.Her patients can openly discuss their problems and issues with the doctor without any inhibitions.

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Salt Lake, Kolkata

Reliance Diagnostic Centre of Doctors ,BE 92, Sector 1. , Salt Lake , Kolkata , West Bengal Pincode -700064
Landmark -Near kwality bus stop

02:30 PM – 04 :30 PM

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IMA, IPS, Diabetic Association



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