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Dr. Sanjib Kumar Samanta

BAMS, M.D, L.C.M.C, C.C.A.D, C.C.D.C.D, Diploma In Preventive Cardiology & Panchakarma

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Homeopath, 38Years Experience


Dr. Sanjib Kumar Samanta is a veteran Homeopath who is serving in this field for the past 38 years. Currently, he practises at his personal clinic at Chitpur, Kolkata. Dr. Samanta has completed his graduation (BHMS) from in 1979. He has also received MD in Ayurveda in the year 1990.

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Chitpur, Kolkata

Dr. Samanta's Clinic ,29, Manmatha Nath Ganguly Rd , Chitpur , Kolkata , West Bengal Pincode -700002


10.00 A.M – 01.00 PM

05.00 P.M – 07.00 P.M

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BAMS in 1979

M.D in 1990

L.C.M.C in 1985

C.C.A.D in 2014

C.C.D.C.D in 2014

Diploma In Preventive Cardiology & Panchakarma in 2014

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