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Tiyo Discovery. The most advanced Search and Find Platform for Doctors.

Welcome to a healthy life. Welcome to Tiyo. The future of Doctor-Patient Communication.

Tiyo Discovery is a search platform that is evenly distributed between analog and digital platform. Tiyo makes it easy for the Doctors and Patients to connect. One of the most disturbing moment in anyone’s life is to see their near and dear ones suffering from pain and they need immediate medical attention. One is lost when it comes to choosing the most appropriate specialist to consult. With the emergence of technology there is a shift in the outlook and approach of people. Tiyo harnesses both the digital and analog platforms with a human touch keeping in mind both the Tech savvy generation and the elders’ comfort levels.


Search using the Smart Devices


Human Editors to help you Search the best Doctors


Different Parameters to Search and Locate the Doctors


Search using Text and WhatsApp

Tiyo Discovery is now with the most flexible Yearly pricing options. Call 1800-2000-214 Now.