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Find The Best Doctors

Discover the power of Tiyo Discovery Search Engine. Find the best doctors for your medical needs. Check their profiles online and set instant appointments. Now getting to a Doctor of your choice is as easy as texting.

Get Medical Opinions Online

It doesn’t matter any more where you are based at. Use the Tiyo Discovery and Opinions Integrated Platform to connect with world renowned Doctors at the ease of your home. Interact privately and get opinions on your or your loved ones health.

Get Health Tips & Tricks

Get the health tips delivered to your inbox everyday or find the best Medical columnist and doctors’ views online. Read and interact with them on industries best Q&A Platforms – Health View & Canvas. Learn about various ways to keep yourself healthy by reading or by watching live streaming Health content.

Doorstep Sample Collection

No more hassles. The pathological clinic is now at your doorstep. Book your tests online. Get the samples collected by our Fast & Quick Team and get the reports delivered to your doorsteps too.

Forecast and Manage

Manage patient flow, analyze trends, keep a tab on prescriptions, interact seamlessly with your patients

Enterprise EMR for Your Practice

It doesn’t matter what the scale of your practise is. Presenting the most comprehensive EMR solution of the industry. Function like a hospital and get all the benefits of Enterprise EMR at the price of an individual practise based EMR.

Analytics & Patient Discovery

Use our analytical tools to analyse your Practise Revenues Vs Your Spendings. Connect with your patients and serve them effectively. Get one click access to Appointment Calender and forecast patient flow and other sundries.

Cloud & In-Premises Flexibility

Get the Practise Management & EMR based on your budget. Either get them delivered via cloud or run it from your local network, better still from your laptop and connect seamlessly with Tiyo Cloud.

Extensive Support & Services

MyTiyo Support is a portfolio of Tools and resources to keep your Tiyo Platforms and Applications running Smoothly. To ensure Optimum performance for your Tiyo Subscriptions we offer support programmes with priority response, electronic support and optional enhancements.